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March 2010

Your Child Might Have It: Teenage Depression

by Staff, on depression, frequent sadness, help the teen, teen depression, teenage depression, teenager, withdraws

Teenage depression is a very common incidence in teens nowadays and it generally affects anyone. Most of the parent with a teen already knows what teen depression is. They are already aware of the dangers depression might bring to their teens. If not, we have to inform them about teenage depression for them to prevent it from occurring.

To start teaching parents with teens in their family we must first present to them the signs and symptoms of teenage depression. Some common symptoms of teenage depression are; frequent sadness, crying which is often with no reason, they tend to withdraws, refuse to eat or overeating. Sometimes they feel hopeless, they sometimes talk of death or suicide or obsession with death or suicide is evident.

After teaching the parents with the signs and symptoms of teenage depression, next stop would be presenting to them the causes of teenage depression. Teenage depression may be due to different causes. Teen years can be hard stage for someone, together with pressure around them, like expectations of parents, friends, and school. If this is combined with the use of alcohol and drugs this could lead to depression.

Furthermore, one of the problems of a depressed teen is that they have problems either in school or at home. The other reason of teenage depression can also be form medical conditions or other behavioral problem like eating disorder. But some teens may only need an improved diet or get some sleep.

When it comes to treating teenage depression it should not be treated the same with adult depression because this two are not the same. There are different treatments when we speak about teenage depression. Medications are available to treat depression but it might only be needed in a short period of time. Teen depression involves knowing what the cause of depression is and it involves counseling. In counseling knowing the origin of the problem is the way to help the teen get away from depression.

When you are a parent with a depressed teen, it is essential that you try to understand your child’s feelings, listen to him/her and try not to be accusing. Respect your teen’s opinions and do not blame him/her in his/her situation. It only shows that being a teen is not that easy. When you grasp this, you can aid your child. And bear in mind to offer loads of love and support and encouragement. Staff