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January 2010

Where you can get learning resources for math, science, history, art, and other subjects

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There are many sources of learning resources for subjects such as math, science, history, and art. However, not all the sources are convenient, not all are timely, not all are credible, and not all are reliable. You should know the different sources of such resources beforehand so that you can do comparisons to determine where you will get these learning resources.

One source of learning resources is the internet with resources such as LTC – it also happens to be the most popular. This is because of the many advantages of online learning resources over other resources. These include convenience since there is no need of leaving your own home or office and you can access the resources day or night, all year round, cost benefits since there is no money spent on travel and most online resources are free, and privacy – no one will ever know you are using the resources. The internet has no national or geographical boarders, meaning you can get learning resources from far away places. This is advantageous over other learning resources which are restrictive since, from the law of probability, the more the options you have, the greater the chances of getting the learning resources you want. Online learning resources are interactive – this makes them fun to use. However, online learning resources have several disadvantages. The most significant one is that it is difficult to establish the credibility and accuracy of an online learning resource. You should only go for a learning resource that has a .edu or a .gov extension. There is also a risk of internet fraud such as identity theft. Again, look at the extension and lookout for websites that start with https – a credible one starts with http.

Technological advances have made it possible to have other learning resources such as material burnt onto CDs or DVDs. These are usually cheaper than books, they are long lasting, and you get a choice of how you view them, meaning you can adjust the font and/or color on your computer if you so choose.

Another source of learning resources is text books and other books. These are advantageous in that you can always tell whether the book is genuine or not, unlike most websites. Textbooks are widely used by teachers and students alike and a great advantage over online learning resources is that it is actually easier to understand what is in a textbook. This is because you can always go back to the page you did not understand and it is also because we have been brought up with books – people just hop through online learning resources. However, textbooks and other books have several disadvantages. Taking the example of science, new technologies are discovered everyday and new formulas are derived everyday, this means books cannot be current. Other printed learning resources are periodicals, journals, and magazines.

People are a good learning resource. People adapt easily and they can make you understand better than a book or a website ever could. However, human beings can distort information at will and there is a risk of forgetting some of the facts. Staff