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November 2010

What Causes Teen Depression?

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We all deal with depression in our lives; this is something we have to deal with. But there is a big difference between chronic or clinical depression and regular depression that can get a hold of anyone. We already talked about chronic depression and clinic depression, but most teens deal with normal easy to catch depression. So what are the causes of teen depression?

Like with anyone they can vary, one person may get depression over something another person would laugh about, we are different and thus the reasons for depression are different as well. But there are certain things that are common and are known as some of the most known reasons for teen depression.

Depression is mostly a response to a certain situations teens deal with in their life. It usually ranges from emotional and relationship issues to school issues and parent and sibling relations. But it can also be influenced by hormones and the process of maturation.

In most cases people get depressed when something bad happens, teens are no excuse for this one. When someone dies, when we feel a loss of a loved one it is normal to be sad and depressed. Teens also tend to get depressed when a boyfriend or a girlfriend leaves them, but again, who doesn’t? School failure is one of the reasons teens get depressed about. It is very easy for teens to get depressed, most of them are confused and have low self esteem and are overly critical of themselves, so any of these stressful events can easily lead to teen depression.

It is very hard to recognize chronic depression in teens when it happens as it is usually masked by the constant changes in moods and other forms of typical teen behavior. But with constant moodiness, dropping in school performance, avoiding other people, avoiding friends, and even going for alcohol and drug abuse as well as other types of negative behavior are a sign that something is wrong. This is definitely a need to investigate, it may be a transitional stage of depression, but it may be a sign that something more serious is happening with your teen.

The reasons for teen depression are many and it can be hard to deal with depressed teens, they will show sudden changes in behavior that will make it very hard to approach them and help them.

Teens sometimes just need some time on their own, in most cases teens will work out their issues and overcome the depression. In other cases it may turn into long term depression and chronic or major depression which can have serious consequences on your child. Almost 1 out of 5 teens in the US experiences an episode of major depression, so these are all the things to watch out for. Girls have a much higher chance to be depressed, but research shows that girls are better at dealing with depression than boys, so they are less at risk even though the number of depressed teen girls is greater than the number of depressed teen boys. Staff