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March 2011

What are the Statistics of Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Florida?

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Statistic of drug and alcohol abuse is very important. Government, law enforcement, parents and teacher can use it to follow children’s activities and increase awareness of problem. Many treatment specialists, counselors and other professionals perform it. Here is the data from the spring of 2009, which shows that substance abuse among teens from Florida is on the rise, regarding the data from earlier years.


Most commonly abused substance by Florida teens is still alcohol. Fifty-four % drinks occasionally, while one third reported drinking in the past month. One out of six teenagers reported binge drinking - this is having at least five drinks in a row at one occasion – at least one in the last month. This behavior prevails any other substance abusing.


Twenty three percent of sixth graders reported lifetime use of alcohol, while 12th graders reported high number of 73.1%. The prevalence rate for binge drinking ranges from a low of 4.0% for sixth graders to a high of 29.5% for 12th graders.


Teens from Florida smoke, both cigarettes and marijuana. Statistic show that in a past 30 days prior to survey 9.3% smoked cigarettes, while 26.2% of teens reported smoking in their lifetime. Most commonly used drug – marijuana were smoking 9.3% in the last month, while for the lifetime this number goes up to the 22.5%


10.5% middle school students 31.8% high school students said that they used marijuana or hashish at least ones in their lifetime, while past lath month, these numbers goes from low of 1.9% for 6th graders to a high of 21.8% for 12th graders, which makes overall scores of 5.3% for middle school students and 17.7% for high school students.


Alcohol and drug abuse statistics show that kids from Florida start with over the counter drugs and prescription drugs, mostly inhalants. Different from others, the abuse of these drugs is decreasing over the years, as children gets older. 5.0% middle school students reported inhalants abuse but only 2.5% for high school students. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they gave up on drugs, they just moved to illicit drugs.


For Florida high school students, illicit drugs are more popular, as 1.5% ever tried cocaine. Heroin is less popular, but just a little bit – 0.9% of students tried it in their lifetime.


Hallucinogenic drugs are popular among both middle and high school students, as the percentage is similar for both groups – around 2.5% of students ever tried it. These are drugs are popular at parties these days, almost as ecstasy, who has both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects and 4.8% of students used it in their lifetime.


This statistic shows that drugs and alcohol prevention should start even while the kids are still in middle school, and that more programs are needed in Florida, as this problem is disturbing healthy development of our children. Staff