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October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Drugs Abuse

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We all know that teen drug abuse is a serious problem that is always on the rise. It seems like most of our efforts are vain, but they are not. You have to realize that more than 90% abuse problems are stopped and prevented in home. So in order to make sure that your child is not abusing drugs you have to look for the warning signs.

All of the drugs matter, some parents stopped paying attention to marijuana as it is not a hard addictive drug and do not cause serious health issues, but marijuana can certainly damage someone’s future. So pay close attention and look for the warning signs, but be sure to look carefully as signs may not be that obvious, plus most teenagers got pretty good at hiding and concealing those signs.

The easiest way to notice drug abuse warning signs and the fact that your teen is using drugs are the immediate changes in his behavior. Most teens go through dramatic changes once they start using drugs. The first sign will probably be a change of friends. Physical signs like weight loss or insomnia are also warning signs of drug abuse. Your teen may have lost interest in things that were dear to him before and some may even become aggressive.

Violence is one of the most common warning signs of drug abuse. In most cases drug abuse is followed by sudden mood swings, or bursts of anger. Teens tend to become hostile, especially towards family members. But this can easily be interpreted like teen rebellion that often happens in that age, hate for authority and resent, but when combined with a few more signs it is clearly a thing to investigate.
If you notice your teen sneaking around or acting secretive that is another sign for you to worry about.

Most teens will start acting this way when they start using drugs as they don’t want you to find out. Also if things become real bad and they get addicted and need more quantities then before you may start noticing that some of your stuff is missing, which usually happens when teens don’t have the money to fund their newly found habit.

We could have made a list of warning signs but you already have that, so in addition to this short explanation of the most important drug abuse warning signs to watch out for we need to add one more and that is risky behavior and disregard for the consequences. In some cases they will become so reckless that they may even endanger their own lives in order to get drugs.

Depression is always a bad sign, but it can be a sign of many things. The most important thing to remember is that there are plenty of warning signs of teen drug abuse, so seeing just one or even two signs don’t mean your teen is on drugs, but it sure is a cause to investigate. There may be something else bothering your teen that needs your attention. Staff