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September 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Depression

by Staff, on at risk blog, at risk youth, teen depression, ten emotional issues, Warning Signs of Teen Depression

Teen depression is a common problem with today’s teens. Reason for depression are many, being left out by their peers, bad performance in school, bad relationship with parents and many other reasons. Whatever the reason for depression one thing is certain, it affects our kids on a serious level, but fortunately teen depression can be solved, but first you need to identify the issue. It is the job of parents to identify the warning signs of teen depression and act quickly. If you leave your teenager unchecked you can find him or her making destructive decisions, you certainly don’t wish that to happen.

Most teens come to a point when they feel abandoned, they are not kids anymore, but they are not adults either, and the pressure falls upon them heavily. Most kids don’t know how to deal with that pressure and teen depression is born. Not just that, teens are in the age when they are developing physically and emotionally, that causes changes they don’t know how to accept, some experience depression while other adapt quickly, that depends on the child. But the fact is that some kids don’t know how to deal with these changes and they may even turn to drugs or other different forms of negative behavior.

There are multiple signs that may indicate that your child is going through depression, if more of these signs are seen for a longer period of time it is best to seek out professional help. These are the warning signs of teen depression you should watch out for:

-    Great and unexpected change in the behavior of your teen
-    Sleeping more than usual
-    Attempts of running away from home
-    Frequent violent behavior and bursts of anger
-    Border all the time
-    Lack of concentration and motivation, inability to focus for a longer period of time
-    Loss of interest in favorite activities and friends
-    Multiple self punishing types of behavior like cutting, starving or even emotional eating
-    Isolation from family and friends
-    Substance abuse, drugs, alcohol

If any of these signs show for a longer period of time you definitely need to help your child, the positive part is that depression is treatable. The best course of action is to take your child to see a professional therapist, or in the beginning talk to his counselor. In addition to professional treatment you should spend more time with your teen, try to talk to him and help him with whatever you can, even if just to keep him or her company. Staff