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August 2010

Violence is a Learned Behavior

by Staff, on abused child, at risk youth, teen abuse, teen violence, violent behavior, violent teens

You know when they say about some troubled teen that he was born that way; he always had it in him? That is far from the truth, our kids are not born violent, just think about it for a second, have you ever heard of or seen a violent baby? I don’t think so, violence is a learned behavior and whether we want to admit it or not, most of the kids learn violent behavior at home, from their parents. They also learn violent behavior on school, from their peers and of course from television and games, but with proper parenting no matter what kind of movies you child watches he won’t become violent, so in the end it’s all up to the parents. It’s very easy to tell where the problem starts and to put blame, but how do we help out teens that have strayed from the right path?

In most cases the cause of teen violent behavior is violent history, they went through some form of abuse, were victim of violence, domestic or not, physical or sexual abuse. According to the statistics, one out of three abused children always turns out to be violent himself. Scary numbers, especially when you see the numbers of abused children every year, but a child doesn’t have to be directly abused to become violent, all that is needed for a child to develop violent behavior is to witness violence on a regular basis. What he sees as a child will be imprinted in his head for the rest of his life.

Every child that sees violence in school or at home too much, watches violent movies too much or plays too much video games is prone to becoming violent himself. But direct exposure to violence is not the only factor that makes violent teens; drug and alcohol abuse often leads to violent behavior. Presence of firearms in the house may be one of the influencing factors. Violence can come from different sources like social factors, wealth, unemployment and single parenting, so it’s all around us and if we are not careful out teens may become violent quite easy.

So when you think about it violence sparks are all around us and it may seem rather difficult to avoid teen violence, in most cases we have to give our best in order to prevent our children from becoming violent. If you think that isolating your child will do the trick you are wrong, it will only make things worse, so what is the best course of action when dealing with violent teens? Unfortunately there is no simple solution to this problem, but doing a few things and avoiding some situations will lower the chances of your teenager becoming violent.

It is our responsibility as parents to provide the best possible future for our kids, that also includes our behavior around them. If our children are becoming violent, that doesn’t mean that we were violent, but in the end we were the ones that allowed it to happen, so we are responsible. Look for the warning signs, if you notice them in time you can act upon it and prevent anything bad from happening. Staff