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April 2011

Usual Questions on Parenting Louisiana Teens

by Staff, on Louisiana, parenting, parents, teenagers, teens

Even most excellent parents, who really do a great job on raising children, need help sometimes, not to mention the ones that find parenting harder then they thought it would be. When their kids enter teen age, some parents from Louisiana feel like they are loosing control over their kids and they start asking themselves some simple questions, and they can’t seem to find answers.

Answers to parenting question are quite simple, actually, and most parents already know them, but it takes a lot patient and repeated actions in order to handle your teens correctly. If you start on time, then raising a teenager will be less difficult then for those parents who wait until the actions of their teens become unbearable.

Some of the questions on parenting teens you might ask are:

- How can I discipline my teen?

Let us say what discipline is, first. It is not a punishment, and certainly does not imply to physical or any other kind of violence. It contains rewords and consequences. Every kid must learn that actions they make reflect on them, as well as other. Parents will teach them right from wrong actions by rewording good ones, and punishing bad ones. Sentence should be measurable and fair, and so should rewords, or you are at risk of spoiling your kid.

- How should I communicate with my child?

Teens are termagant, often in a bad mood and they sometimes seem to hate everything you say. They may explode on one little word you say and sometimes you don’t even recognize your sweet little child anymore. Avoid criticism in order to avoid necessary fight. Listen to them and really pay attention to what they are saying. Always have an argument on what you are saying and don’t tell them what to, or not to do, if you really don’t have a reason. Otherwise, they just want listen.

- How can I make my teen spend more time with me?

We know that teens don’t spend so much time with their parents as they used. They would rather be alone, with their friends and, sometimes, even stranger, then with their parents. They find parents boring who just can’t understand them. They are not small kids anymore and you can’t make them spend time with you, if they don’t want to. So, make them want to. Ask about their interests and do that things with them. Help them explore the world, but with you. Make every time you are together fun, and have every day family meals. In time, they will not feel so distant and will spend more time with you.

- How can I protect my child from all the danger out there?

Unfortunately, you can’t save your child from everything. There are many dangers in Louisiana, in America, in the world… However, you can try to prevent most of it, by learning and passing the knowledge to your children. Learn about drugs, danger of premature sex, violence, crime, everything that your kid might get in touch with, and talk about that with your kids. Make sure they understand the risk.
There are many other parenting questions, but these are the most common ones, and of course, answers are much more complex, but we hope that we managed to help at least a bit and to get you thinking of what you might change in a relationship with your teen, in order to improve it. Staff