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September 2010

Understanding and Coping with Rejection

by Staff, on at risk blog, at risk youth, coping with rejection, dealing with rejection, people avoid rejection, teen rejection, understanding rejection

When the rejection subject is brought up people tend to focus on big rejections like failing to enroll into a college or not being invited to prom, but it is a fact that seemingly little things often lead to feeling of rejection. How many times have you told a joke that didn’t make anyone laugh, it surely didn’t feel so good. Things like this or forgetting to let you know about a basketball game after school or any other thing like these can lead to hard rejection feelings, and this is something we all have to cope with on every day basis.

The thing is that we all know rejection hurts, but this is not something we should try and avoid. The alternative is really scary, people that avoid rejection tend to get too afraid of being rejected which can lead to serious disorders and other emotional and functionality issues. Also, people that avoid rejection are too scared to go for what they want and they will miss out on many beautiful things in life just because of fear of being rejected, and you know what they say, you never know until you try.

Coping with rejection is not a secret technique, in fact it is something we are naturally supposed to do, embrace the pain that comes with being rejected and learn that this is a part of life, in fact we can use it as a motivation for our future endeavors. Also, you shouldn’t hide that you feel bad about being rejected, talk to your friends, that will help you get relaxed and you will see that there are plenty of other people that feel the same way, no one loves to be rejected.

You need to be able to go pass the rejection and think positive. Feeling bad all the time will lower your self esteem and it will make everything harder. Rejection is a part of life, if we learn to deal with rejection we will also learn to take the best out of it. Sometimes we get rejected for a reason, if we understand that reason we may improve it and avoid being rejected on our account.

But sometimes we get rejected for no reason or for some reason that is out of our hands. That is when we need to put things in perspective. You need to credit yourself for trying at least, and you need to try and get the positive out of your situation in order to come back even stronger. Rejection is always a bad feeling and it can be very hard sometimes, but it is a reality check we have to deal with. Denying rejection can only lead to more serious problems, facing it head on can help us deal with it and get the best out of our situation. Staff