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June 2010

Travel Tips for Teens

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Summer, the favorite time of almost every teen in the world, but where fun is trouble follows. Most children just aim to relax during the holidays and give little thought about safety, health and other important things. Well I can’t blame them, but an advice or two won’t hurt them one bit. Let’s go over some of the most overlooked things during the summer break and travel, travel tips for teens that may save you a lot of trouble.

Preparation people is the key, there are three most common health issues that everyone faces when traveling is food issue. Many people have bad memories of their travels and trips because they ate something bad or even have food poisoning. There are a few things you need to remember and you will skip that part.
You can be sure that boiled foods are always safe, also vegetables and fruits that have to be peeled. Any food that takes hours to prepare should be avoided just in case. Any food that has less chances of spoiling is good, so you are good to go with pizza. Most of the foods that are put on pizza are less likely to be spoiled and high heat of the pizza ovens kills every bacteria that exists in the food. You should also avoid drinking water in some countries, many of them don’t filter out water as high developed countries and water tends to contain all sorts of bacteria and unwanted life forms.

Be sure to take with you any medication that you might need, because when you are overseas you don’t know whether you can find that medication at all, even if you can no one can guarantee its quality. Think of it like this, when you travel it’s very easy to let your guard down. You are relaxed, you are focusing on the sights and good times and spare little time to worry about anything.

So all of the basic rules apply, don’t go anywhere alone, especially after dark. Be mindful to driving in a different country, in some countries people drive on the left side, but even in right side driving countries rules of the road may be different. That also goes when you are crossing the road, look both ways just to be sure. That is one of the most important safety tips there is.

Bring your medical documentation with you, of something happens to you people at the hospital need to know if you are allergic or on some special medications. Whatever you do think it through before doing it and always aim to prepare yourself, that way you will be safe wherever you are. Staff