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March 2011

Tips on Positive Parenting for Illinois Parents

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Your job as a parent is to prepare your children for the adulthood. Their job is to play and learn, while growing happy and satisfied. In order to successfully fulfill your job, you need to help them with their. Here are some tips on how to make your job as a parent from Illinois easier.

Communicate often with your child – verbal and non-verbal. Talk to him, but listen carefully also. When instructing him, don’t give too many information at a time, give him time to process in order of better understanding. While communicating, make eye-to-eye contacts, and use gentle touches, share hugs and smiles.

Your child should learn everything from you first. Encourage your children to ask questions while they are still young, so communication will be easier between you when they grow older. If you don’t know the answer, don’t hesitate to say so and try to find the answer together. Be honest with your children and teach them to be open with you, creating a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Playing is a natural way for children to learn. Use games to spend time with your children, to relax and enjoy yourself, but also to teach them about rules and discipline.

Take your children to museums, libraries, zoos and other places of interest in Illinois where they can learn something new and useful. Help them create the habit of reading and learning, support their effort in school and other activities. Let them play sport and do exercises. Limit their time in front of TV or computer.

Keep a positive attitude and be careful what you say and do in front of them. Don’t treat them like pets or slaves - when you ask something from them, remember to say please and thank you. Don’t boss them around, and don’t swear in from of them. Do not call them names no matter what.

Choose your child meals carefully. It is very important to feed them healthy and on regular bases. It is ok to order a pizza from time to time, but don’t make fast food their regular. When they grow up u little bit, teach them downsides of leaving an unhealthy life and the consequences of smoking, drinking or drug abuse.

You also have to take care of yourself – eat and sleep regular, even take some breaks from parenting occasionally. If you get too tired, you cannot be an effective parent.

Understand that your child is unique and cherish his individuality. Do not compare him with someone else, who is better. You have to learn how your child develops and become an expert for children. Of course, if you need help, there is nothing wrong to turn to real professional experts from Illinois. Staff