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June 2010

Tips For a Summer Job

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American tradition states that teens need to get a job during the summer. Well some need it because of the money, some just want to have one, and some are pressured by the family. Whatever the case you can get the best out of it if you know what to look for. So what do you look for, well you have to be a little picky, after all, you are going to work all summer, so why not find something that suits you. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before considering any summer job, things like working hours, location of the job, type of job and of course how much it pays.

So where do you start, in order to find a good job that suits you, you have to figure out what you are good at, where you can work at. So you need to assess yourself, what are you good at, any work experience, or maybe you have something interesting to offer in general. If you don’t have anything in mind you can always read the newspaper ads, watch TV, there are plenty of summer job openings for teens. But the best place to look would be internet; there are plenty of jobs posted online.

But do you have any idea what your summer job might be? Here is a list of typical summer jobs you might find:

-    Job at your local merchant
-    Small business
-    Jobs at the mall
-    Summer resorts
-    Hotels
-    Restaurants
-    Tourist attractions
-    Tennis club
-    Golf club
-    Summer camp
-    You can try and work for yourself
-    Online jobs
-    Freelancing

You can be creative, no one has to go for the stereotype of being a babysitter or a clerk, find what you need and what suits you. There are plenty of summer jobs; if you give it a little effort and try you can find the best possible job for you.

And if this advice helps you find your dream job for the summer there are still a few things that you have to keep in mind. No matter the job and how much it is cool whatever you do you will have good days and bad days and you will have to work, but that is just how things go. Just remember that you are there to earn money, remember that this is valuable experience that you are getting and you are making contacts and friends. All of this is more than enough to get you through a few bad days you might have at your summer job, try to look on the positive side of everything and you will definitely end up as a winner richer for another valuable experience. Staff