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November 2007

The normal teenager

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Who is the normal teenager? Which behaviors are expected and accepted for a teen? Generally, teenagers are know to attempt for their independence. They often do it through curiosity and eventually experimentation. Teenage behavior can be far more shocking to most parents. Maybe because teenagers want to be identified; to be “cool”; or, to be just different. For instance, they want to express themselves as part of the current “emo” culture. They listen to these kind of music, wear black clothes and cut their hair in a certain way. Boys even wear eyeliner and makeup.

Here are some “normal” indications of a teenager:

  • changing one's appearance through the latest style and trend
  • withdrawal from family life and more focus on friends
  • more arguments especially with the rules
  • emotional issues
  • experimentation with alcohol and drugs

Although such signs are expected, there are occasions that teenagers make a habit out of it. Before you knew it, they already have acquire this bad behavior, which is why parents should be very careful in observing the changes. Staff