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March 2011

Texas Parents Want to Become Even Better at Parenting

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Many parents from Texas make their children happy, giving them everything they need. Their children are healthy, get their food on a table every day, clothes to wear, school to choose… Still, some parents want to do much more, and become even better at parenting, so they can give their children everything they can, much more than just material things.

What your children need more then anything is you, and your time. It is not enough just to by them big screen TV or a computer and think that it is enough. You need to sit with them and use it together. This is your opportunity to control media influence on your children and guide them. Pick an educational program you can watch together or teach them about internet behavior.

Don’t spend too much time in front of a screen though. Instead, take them outside to play, or simply a walk. You can take them to a zoo and learn about animals, or anywhere where your child will enjoy, and have opportunity to learn something new. While you are out, teach them how to behave in public, always giving them good examples.

Trick to positive parenting is spending time with your children in some household activities. Put them to work, while you are doing something around the house. They can help you in the kitchen, garden or garage. This will tell them that you trust them in handling important tasks, and teach them responsibility. This will also build their practical skills.

Listen to your children with patience. Everything they have to say is important to them, so it should be to you, too. Sometimes, it is hard for them to express themselves so you have to help them. Ask them lot of questions, but avoid yes or no questions. Let them talk and explain, build their communication skills.

Teach them to take care of their health, explain them all the effects of neglecting their health. Off course, they will not quite understand you, so you have to be persistent in building their habits, like brushing teeth. Many parents from Texas often take their children to a doctor, just for routine check. Preventive health care is very important.

Do not exaggerate on your way to become a better parent. There still need to be some boundaries, you can’t infinite your child’s freedom, no matter how much would they like you to, especially when they grow into a teenager. It is much more important to watch over your children then to hear from them that you are the best mom or dad on the world. Staff