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October 2010

Teens & Steroids 102 – Anabolic Steroids

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We covered the rising use of steroids by teens in the last post, now we are actually going to cover what are anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are man made synthetic hormones used to stimulate the effects of testosterone male hormone.

We said that there are two types of teens that use steroids, athletes and emotional liable teens that back down under media pressure. Not just media pressure, but also school and peer pressure influence teens decision to use steroids.

Teens are under pressure because of their grades, because of sport tryouts and they also have pressure from teammates to do their best and to give their best for the team. Some teens work hard, practice, exercise and achieve everything with dedication and hard work, other give in to pressure and high demands of their better looking or better athlete peers and they start using steroids.

The most common way teen use steroids is orally, but they can also be taken through injection and gels and creams. Teens that use steroids through injection are also at risk of blood transmitted diseases like AIDS. There are few obvious signs that your teen is using steroids, a great speed of obtaining muscle mass, a great outburst of acne and sudden mood swings.

You have to be aware of the long term consequences of using anabolic steroids. Some of the well known risks of using anabolic steroids over a long term period for boys are reduced sperm count and shrinking of the testicles, also there is an increased risk of prostate cancer, development of breasts and permanent liver damage. It poses an even greater risk because teens are in their development and their bones may suffer.

But teen boys are not the only ones using anabolic steroids; girls are using them as well. In the last 20 years the use of anabolic steroids by teenage girls has doubled. Long term consequences and risk for teen girl anabolic steroid abuse can be baldness, shrinkage of breasts and even deepening of the voice and enlargement of the clitoris.

Warning signs of teen anabolic steroid abuse:

-    Sudden gain in mass
-    Sudden aggressive behavior
-    Purple or reddish spots on the body
-    Jaundice, which is yellow color of the skin or the eyes
-    Swelling of feet
-    Trembles
-    Unpleasant breath and body odor
-    Severe acne outbreak

Anabolic steroids cause an even greater risk for our teens because they are mostly found from shady and illegal sources, this will increase the risk of potential consequences. Preventing teen anabolic steroid use is essential, if you notice any of the signs of steroid use you have to act fast and get your teen proper treatment. Staff