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October 2010

Teens & Steroids 101

by Staff, on anabolic steroids, at risk youth, dangers of steroid use, increase use of steroids, teen steroid use, teens and steroids

Although we think that our children are safe from steroids because it is illegal for teens to buy them in a store, it is however very easy for them to order them online or find a friend that is 21 to buy steroids for them. The bottom line, we are wrong, our teens are in danger of steroids all the time and they can get them very easy.

For those of you not familiar with steroids we are in fact talking about hormones, various types of hormones. The most common type of steroids which is commonly used in sporting circles are anabolic steroids. These are artificial steroids that are made to resemble testosterone and are used for muscle tissue development.

Now why would your teen child take steroids? Two obvious reasons, the first one is sport and to get some advantage. But in the long run steroids have been proven to only cause damage to our body and no evidence was found that they actually help with our athletic performance. The other reason is our appearance. Most boys are pressured by the media with great looking models and athletes, the same way as girls are pressured by female model standards, so they want to look better and to have more muscle.

The bad sides of steroid use are plenty, starting from acne, baldness, aggression, mood swings and paranoia to chances of testosterone overdose and even man boobs. Steroids also cause long term damage to our body and our brain. Studies have revealed that steroids cause destruction of brain cells and as such the use of steroids increases the risk of getting Alzheimer’s or Huntingdon’s disease. They also cause a great deal of damage to the liver, in some cases it can lead to liver cirrhosis and diabetes.

What makes steroids so dangerous is the lag in effects and symptoms; we can clearly compare it to smoking as it will take years or even decades for these signs to appear. So while teens think that they are on the top of the world and that there are no side effects they might as well be throwing away their health and their future. Things become even worse when the initial dosage doesn’t work anymore so teens start increasing the dosage or even worse, mixing the steroids without any knowledge of what they are actually doing.

Also a great danger is that a large number of teens are not so good at getting steroids, especially when they start needed them in larger quantities, so they turn to various sources. As with regular medicine or drugs there are altered steroids that people make in their home labs, so there are cases of poisoning or even immediate death due to overdose on various substances found in the steroid mix.

Teen steroid use is a threat great as drug abuse, in some cases more sinister, as the signs and symptoms of the damaging effects that steroid causes cannot be seen and teens are made to believe that they are perfectly healthy. Staff