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August 2010

Teens Need After-School Activities

by Staff, on after school activities, at risk blog, at risk youth, teen health, teen safety

Every teen child is at the greatest risk of being a victim of violence, at risk of engaging in a juvenile crime, engaging in sex activities and use of alcohol and drugs right after school ends, between 2pm and 6pm. One of the causes for this fact is the lack and constant decline of after-school activities for teens. So it seems that it is the parent’s obligation to find after-school activities for his child, not only to keep him safe, but also to achieve better motivation and insure that the child is healthy, as one of the greatest risks that is threatening teens across the US is teen obesity.

You have several options when it comes to teens after-school activity, the most common in the US is an after-school job. This type of activity has several benefits for the child. The teens that have a job after school will not only earn some extra cash, but they will learn responsibility, discipline, a sense of self worth and overall, they will be less likely to cause any trouble. As a parent you have the responsibility to make sure that your child is not overworked and has a time for his studies and of course some free time for himself. Your child will be in more trouble if he is working more hours than he can handle, that can lead to low concentration, less sleep and overall negative effect on your child’s mental and physical condition.

But the most important thing to worry about is your child’s health, if he doesn’t participate in athletic activities now there are slight chances that he or she ever will, which may lead to some serious health issues. You should encourage your child to participate in some athletic activity, which can be anything from school sport to playing ball with his friends after school. Aside from the obvious health benefits there are a few more benefits that come with sport, you child will learn teamwork, it will enhance his communication skills and it will help your child build a positive image of himself.

And of course you always have the home activities and home chores. That can go from cleaning around the house up to mowing the lawn. To make your child busy, not to busy, you should create a weekly or monthly schedule of chores. Make this fun and optional, write a list of chores and let your child pick a certain number by himself, be sure to make this worth his while by offering something in return.

Keeping your child safe after school is important, but what is more important is to motivate your teen in every way possible in order to ensure that he is on the right track of becoming a responsible adult. Some of these teen activities may help your teen in the long run, he will stay safe, healthy and he will learn about responsibility, camaraderie, discipline and he will create appositive image of himself and his future. Staff