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May 2010

Teens Fitting In, a Common Problem

by Staff, on a Common Problem, at risk youth, be social, fit in, fitting in, make friends, risk youth, Teens Fitting In

Fitting in is one of the most talked about issues concerning teens, most of them would like to stay who they are and would like people to like them for that, but for most of them that is impossible. So some changes have to be made in order to fit in, but what changes are acceptable and which aren’t? That is a hard question to answer, but as long as teens stick to who they are I guess it will be all right. But as long as teens that are popular keep making barriers between them and the others most teens will be forced to deal with this issue.

It is really hard to fit in when everyone else seems different, but you don’t need to be like everyone else in order to fit in. Quite the opposite, you might be on a totally different plane than your friends and still fit in with them perfectly, the bottom line is how you feel about your differences, as well as how they feel about them. There are a few things that every teenager may keep in mind if he or she wants to fit in. First of all no one will ever listen to someone with no backbone or their own opinion. You have to think for yourself and stand for your believes, if you don’t, well you are in high school, someone else might just try and do that for you.

You can always try to go a little out of your way to make friends, not much, just a little. Usually hanging out with your friends on a more regular basis can be very helpful, especially if you are doing that at some cool place where other kids gather. Being noticed as a social person is a great boost, people will notice you and they might give you the opportunity to join them. But this is not about getting into a group of people just because they are popular; this is about you as teens feeling at ease with your friends. Feeling that you belong somewhere, filling that you fit in and that means you have to find a group of people that is ok for you.

Fitting in is not just joining a popular group and being seen as someone who fits in, it’s about finding the best place for you to feel safe, welcomed and loved, which is what it means to fit in. If you don’t have that feeling with kids that surround you maybe it’s time to look for a different group of friends, or maybe you just need to work a bit on yourself. In the end it depends on you and only on you. Staff