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June 2010

Teens Dealing With Stress

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Stress is a big influence on teen behavior and it can be caused by many things ranging from moving to another place, divorce of parents, loss of a loved one, home troubles, school troubles and many other things. The biggest issue about teen stress is that it may lead to many other things such as depression, anxiety, behavior issues, drug and substance abuse, insomnia and plenty of other mental and medical issues.

There are dozens of things that cause stress for a teenager and most of them are hard to notice, so parents have a hard time dealing with this issue and helping their child. The things parents should keep a close eye on, related to stress sources, are too much homework and being over scheduled with school, sports and extracurricular activities in general. Having high standards set by parents or school for performance that may seem unrealistic and even fear of failure despite having great grades. In most cases the toughest source of stress can be a loss of a loved one, death in the family or divorce situations. Some teens can get stressed over news, natural disasters and such. Others may have a medical issue that causes stress on a daily basis, like diabetes, asthma or even a broken leg, a medical issue in the family is also a cause of stress for teens. And the last stress source is the most common one, financial trouble.

There are many ways teens can cope with stress and ways that parents can help them do that. The most common ones and the ones that bear the most importance are a good conversation, good night’s sleep and regular physical exercise, burning out energy always relieves mental issues and stress.

That is not all, other ways that can help your child relieve stress can go from more free time to relax to spending more time with your child and trying to sort things out in a calm and friendly fashion. Routines and rituals are a good way to relieve stress, regular family dinner is always a good way to relieve stress, routines can be an effective healer. As a parent you shouldn’t be the one causing stress for your child, so instead of pushing your child you should set realistic expectations for your child. At the same time you shouldn’t spare your child for the most basic things, dealing your child with responsibilities appropriate for his age will help him in the long run and it will help him develop his problem solving skills, which means less stress for small things.

Of course if you have trouble helping your child and you feel that his problem is getting out of hand it would be wise to seek professional help. Talking to the counselor or a pediatrician may do the trick, whatever you do you should do with a simple thought, will that affect my child and how. Once you figure that out try doing everything keeping in mind the best possible outcome and always setting some time aside for talking with your teen child. Staff