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November 2010

Teenage Pregnancy Statistics – At Risk Youth

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We are all aware that teen pregnancy is a serious issue we deal with every day. But not all of us know that US is the leading country in the world with teen pregnancy. US have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world; just looking at the teen pregnancy statistics can give you a heart attack. We are talking about real at risk youth; the ones that simply fail to hear all the warnings and refuse all the education, some due to lack of guidance, some due to social factors and from many other reasons.

Just looking at the basics teen pregnancy statistics will shed light on this issue.

-    Around 700,000 teens between ages 17 and 19 become pregnant each year in the US.
-    A small number of these teens, a very small number, actually planned on getting pregnant. Over 80% of all teen pregnancies are unplanned and teen pregnancy account for 20% of all unplanned pregnancies each year.
-    Luckily, two thirds of all teen pregnancies occur with older teens ages 18 and 19.
-    Teen pregnancy and teen mothers account for 10% of total US pregnancies each year.
-    Abortion rate is high, but the total number of pregnancies resulting in birth is higher, 57% and 14% of all teen pregnancies end with a miscarriage.
-    That leads to 29% of all teen pregnancies ending with an abortion.
-    Among all ethnicities African American teens have the highest teen pregnancy rate. The numbers of teens that get pregnant per 1,000 teens are as follows, 134 African Americans will get pregnant, 131 Hispanic teens will get pregnant and 48 Caucasians will get pregnant out of 1,000.
-    Research shows that teens that do get pregnant are less likely to enter college. The number of teen mothers that are finishing high school has improved over the years, but the number of teen mothers that goes on to finish a college is still amazingly low.
-    We already said that US teen pregnancy rates are much higher than the rest of the world. Compared to other ell developed countries US have twice as high teen pregnancy rates than England and Canada and eight times higher than Japan and Netherlands.
-    Since 1991 teen pregnancy rates started declining, and they were in decline until 2005, but since then they are on a constant rise. Teen pregnancy rates were highest in 1990 with 117 pregnancies per 1,000 teens. In 2002 that number fell from 117 to 75 per 1,000, but since 2005 until now there has been a steady 3% increase each year.

As you can see teen pregnancy statistics show that we have a rising issue on our hands again. Since 2005 the number of teen pregnancies has increased, which is exactly why our government is trying to improve the sex education based on gender, ethnicity, age and social factors. Staff