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September 2010

Teenage Dropouts, Facts to Know

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We still have the problem with teenage dropouts, although most think that this is an issue of the past as the recent studies showed that dropouts were at a decline, the new results show that the percentage of dropouts declined only 2% in the last 10 years. We have over 6,000 teenage drop out of school each day, which is a horrifying number. The fact that this didn’t happen over night is also alarming as there were things we could have done to prevent this from happening. And the saddest fact about teenage dropouts is that they are more likely to have various problems later in life than kids who graduate from high school. Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding teenage dropouts.

-    Approximately over 6,000 students drop out of school each day, which amounts to 1.2 million students each year only in the US
-    Over 25% of high school freshmen don’t graduate on time
-    Number of Hispanic students who drop out of school is twice larger than African Americans, and White and Asian Americans are the least likely to drop out.
-    In the US alone, over 65% of convicted criminals are dropouts, which makes the majority of criminals dropouts and makes dropping out of school one of the greatest starters of criminal activities
-    Four years ago America’s graduation rate was 1st in the world, now it is 19th

These are very alarming facts, in order to stop the dropout rate from increasing we should start working from our home and educate our own children. The first thing we need to do like with everything else is look for the warning signs.

-    One of the basic warning signs is frequent absence from classes
-    Low grades
-    Disciplinary problems
-    Low self esteem
-    Any disability
-    Emotional issues such as depression
-    Substance abuse
-    Early sexual activity

But there are also school caused risk factors for your child you should pay attention to:

-    Discipline systems with zero or little effect
-    Low number of school counselors
-    Low expectation of students
-    School violence

These are all of the warning signs and facts you need to know to understand the teenage dropout issue and to have some clue on how to approach it and when. It is important that we as parents start the change from within our homes as it appears that most public schools are underfunded and understaffed. We all want what is best for our children, but they will never achieve much if they don’t even graduate from high school. Staff