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March 2010

Teen Volunteers

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There are a rising number of teen volunteers each year and we should be proud of that. It is really nice to see so many teenagers helping out and learning something new.  For all those that are wondering why should they volunteer and for all those that don’t know what they can get from that, aside helping others, here is a short insight into teen volunteers.

First of all the teenagers volunteering or thinking about volunteering should know that you can have lots of fun. People always have fun when they are doing something they love that is why you need to choose what you like. And there are a great number of things to choose from, you can volunteer in an animal shelter or anti discrimination group or even help the environment by cleaning your neighborhood. But teenagers should keep in mind that by helping and volunteering they have a great opportunity to explore their future careers. By helping out at a local hospital you may realize that you are not cut out to be a doctor or you might suddenly see that this is something you are made to do.
Aside from that you can learn a bunch of new things, and they always look good on your resume, when you are approaching your twenties you need to think about that. In the end what is the greatest reason for volunteering, well to help others. And nothing will bring you greater joy than knowledge that you helped someone today and that you will help someone tomorrow. After that you will feel good about yourself for sure and you have a reason to be proud.
Now the only thing that is left is to figure out what you want to do and you have tons of options. Like we said before, you can do anything you like and you can do it in your area. Yes, you can volunteer in your area. And that is not all, if there is a cause that you wish to help but there is no one doing something about it there are institutions that will give grants and help funds to start a cause. So who knows, maybe you will be the next person to start a great cause.
Helping should be done with the only intention to help, but gaining something from it is not a bad thing and we should all aspire to do something more in every single opportunity life gives us. Staff