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March 2010

Teen Violence: Youth Violence

by Staff, on fights, teen, teen violence, violence, youth violence

Teen Violence or also known as the Youth Violence does not only involve shootings. Teen violence activities include fights with other teens or other group of teens. It may also include suicide and gang fights. Teen violence is a real situation in our society nowadays and it can affect a big part of the teen’s life. Teen Violence does not only mean violence, it can also be a teen dating a person who is violent, slaps and beat them frequently, seeing violence everyday in their school is also a form of teen violence. Many teens nowadays use drugs, alcohol and become easily depressed. When teens experiences these things, this could be dangerous to them, because this is usually the time that they don’t think clearly, their minds are occupied mostly with problems and other things. With depression, they might bring a knife and gun at school and create havoc, threatening their selves and other individual. If the teen is on more complicated state they might shoot another teenager or a teacher that they hate the most or has been very unfair to them. Depression can also be a reason for teenage violence.

A teen involve in a gang is the one that can experience teen violence all the times. This gang violence is what is dominating right now in the society. There are growing concerns when it comes to this gang violence. Teens involve in this kind of situation are oftentimes shoot or stabbed or even beaten to death. Teens who are members of this gang are the ones who can commit violence to other person or teen which they might kill in the end. The longer a child stays in this form of environment, the more violent they may become.

Another type of teen violence which is not very common in our society, is the violence seen in the family or homes of the teen. A form of violence wherein a teen witness one parent beaten and abused by another or the teen itself experiences beating from his/her parent. While the other parent is not aware of it that is why the teen cannot be save from it.

The most effective way of preventing youth violence is to make sure that violence does not exists at home, always have a loving and understanding relationship with your child, treat everyone fairly and with respect and courtesy. Posing a good example to your child is one way of preventing teen violence, and it will help your child treat everyone with respect. Talking to your child will also help in preventing teen violence, talking and letting them know that you understand them and their situation, let them know that you are always at their side no matter what. Be more supportive to them when everybody turns them down. Continue to observe your child, if you’ve seen some odd behavior talk to your child immediately.

Teen violence statistics shows that fifty percent of men who abuse their spouse will abuse their children. This fact is very sad to hear since it only shows that three million of children are at risk of being abused by a parent each year. A teen growing up in a family wherein violence is present the more likely the child will also involve in teen violence compared to a child living in a family wherein love and support exists. Forty per cent of teenage girls have friends that have been a victim of some violent act. One in five high school girls has been in a violent relationship with a boy. Teen violence has been a problem for a long time but statistic show that this problem is growing and getting more violent each year. Understand that it is a serious problem and we need to not take it lightly. Staff