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September 2010

Teen Suicide Warning Signs

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Teens are prone to depression even more than adults, and unfortunately that depression and many other reasons lead to teen suicide. A recent study showed that 4 out of 5 teens that attempted to commit suicide showed warning signs prior to the attempt. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you know what teen suicide warning signs are in order to prevent your teen from attempting such a horrible thing.

Teen suicide is a great problem, one that is unfortunately on the rise. Teens succumb to various types of pressure from emotional pressure to social and family pressure. Eventually, some teens end up having suicidal thoughts. As a parent you need to be involved in your teen’s life, one part of that is watching for the warning signs. But you also need to be aware that most of the teen suicide warning signs match with depression warning signs; so don’t jump the gun, analyze the situation and try talking to your teen. Eventually you might want to seek professional help. Here are the teen suicide warning signs you need to watch out for:

-    Separating from friends and family, closing in his circle of friends and going into isolation
-    Staying home more and more without expressing a desire to go out
-    Hard time concentrating and focusing
-    Changes in regular habits, sleeping, eating
-    Change in appearance, lack of care for themselves in physical sense
-    Gloomy and fatigued
-    Talking about feeling hopeless and useless
-    Even directly talking about committing suicide
-    Talking about death and dying, about “going away”
-    Sudden change on behavior leading to destructive and careless behavior, drinking, substance abuse, etc…
-    Losing interest in favorite activities
-    Letting go of favorite items and giving them away
-    In some cases sudden mood changes from depressed to very happy are actually a sign of possible suicide attempt ( it happens when a person decides to commit suicide and than feels relieves as they think they have found a solution to their problems) such changes shouldn’t be taken for granted and you should think that everything is over, you should investigate more

These are the most common teen suicide warning signs you can encounter. But remember that most of these are also signs of depression, so be sure that you can get professional help if you feel that the situation may escalate to a whole new level. The main concern is your child’s well being, if you can’t find the right approach to talk to your child and help him than it would be best to seek professional help. Staff