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March 2010

Teen Substance Abuse

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It is common for any teenager to experiment during his or hers adolescence, so teens will try alcohol, cigarette and some of them even drugs. But how many of those teenagers can stop? Some of those teenagers will experiment and then they will move on, some will continue to use any of those substances occasionally and unfortunately some of them will move onto harder substance abuse. It is a fact that teenage substance abuse is on the rise; the only way to stop that is by noticing early symptoms.

Most teenagers that use alcohol and drugs have a few things in common, mostly their past and their family situation. Children with harsh family history, where signs of substance abuse can be found, are more likely to follow the same path. Children who are depressed and have low self esteem are also to be looked out for. Passive children that don’t fit into society, the ones that stand out are more likely to try something out of desperation, out of the wish to blend in, than children that seem to function normally and blend in with their friends.

Problem of teen drug abuse is not something that started yesterday. So we already know what to do in similar situation, but in order to intervene we must first know the symptoms. If you monitor your child you will see these symptoms, fatigue, personality change, depression, low self esteem, mood swings, defying authority, starting fights and arguments, negative attitude, low grades and sometimes even new friends and problems with the law.

There is no telling what your child may use; there are just too many substances abused by teenagers today. Most common ones are cigarettes, marihuana, cold medication, inhalants, depressants and other stimulants. There is no telling what children can get their hands on, but most of these things can’t be acquired without an adult. So most likely your child is stealing from your home supplies or he or she is getting it from some other adult. Parents must keep an eye on their children; first thing that should be done is sealing your medications away where children can’t find them. Of course you need to take care of people they socialize with. The biggest problem will be if your child is using heavy illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth or some form of hallucinogens. In that case you need to provide immediate professional help.

The best way to deal with any possible situation is prevention. But considering the teenagers today you have to be careful, forbidding them to experiment may be contra productive, but you need to take care they keep it at a normal level where they don’t endanger their health. By keeping an eye out for your children you might influence him in a negative manner, so talking to your child is probably the best way, you don’t want him to get the feeling you are spying on him. Teen drug abuse is a serious problem on the rise, and according to the studies, it all starts and stops at home. Parents are responsible most of the times, so it is our duty as parents to stop that before it happens, we need to be aware. Staff