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August 2010

Teen Smoking, Always an Issue

by Staff, on anti smoking campaigns, at risk blog, at risk youth, smoking campaigns, teen smokers, teen smoking, teen smoking issue

In today’s society smoking is not just a chemical need of a person for nicotine or the desire to feed the addiction, it is in fact a social action. If you think about it, it has been for quite some time, but lately it has taken a new turn. People gather around in designated smoking areas and look at the rest of the world as enemies, as intruders. In this jungle the one with the lighter is the king. Well, that are adult smokers, teens on the other hand have improved their look on smoking a bit, or so it seems. Teens still smoke in large numbers and they still think it’s cool. They like to hide and get the attention that smoking brings. With that in mind it is easy to see why teenagers start smoking.

If you take a look back we were all glad to see the number of teen smokers lowering, all thanks to the anti smoking campaigns. In 2004 we had about 25% of teen’s ages 13 to 17 smoking, which was a great decrease from 1997 when 34% of teenagers were smokers. Do you know the numbers today? In the last year according to the latest stats, 40% of teenagers from 13 to 17 years of age are smokers. So, what happened there?

I think we can say with certainty that nothing happened, which is the problem. If you think about it, when did pressure affect teens in the long run? So why did we think that pressure and tons of anti smoking campaigns will have a long term influence, they turned a blind eye and a deaf ear on those commercials. Kids think smoking is cool and they start easy, they get addicted even easier. Well, I’m sure people in charge of this issue are doing their best to think of a new method for prevention of smoking and I wish them all of luck, but since that is not my field I will concentrate on getting rid of the smoking addiction. It can be done for sure, but the process is long and tiring for most.

There is no cure for smoking as it is not a disease, there is just one way to stop, you have to want it. If you want it that it will happen, maybe not the first time around, you will probably have a few relapses, but don’t let them discourage you. Also, be cautious of the nicotine subs, nicotine patches and most of the nicotine gums, fact is that most of them are more harmful than cigarettes. The only way to ensure that you are going to stop is to find a good motive, something that will drive you.

Each person is different, while some people can quit just like that, cold turkey, and move on with their lives, other can’t. For teen smokers it is best to seek counseling and to have someone support them through the process. It is very easy to start smoking but very hard to quit, in the end you are the one that started smoking of its own free will, so it is you who has to find the will to stop. But the result will be amazing, you can’t imagine how good it will feel just after one week. Staff