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January 2011

Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy

by Staff, on at risk youth, pregnant teenagers, pregnant teens, teen pregnancy, teen sex, teen sexuality, teenage pregnancy

Teen sexuality and teen pregnancy are ever present issues that are marked by the fact that there is plenty of confusion regarding teen sexual knowledge and sexual orientation.

Teens are confused, they want to experiment, that is all ok, but some teens are easily swayed into doing things they would never do by themselves. Each and every teen needs to feel safe and secure in his own sexuality, that is the only way to be safe and to have a healthy sexual life. Unfortunately it is hard for teens to feel comfortable with their own sexuality due to the mass media and peer pressure.

If you are wondering what being comfortable with one’s sexuality means you are not the only one. Some teens misinterpret that and go for homophobic megalomania while it means that you need to know, to discover, who you are and what you are comfortable with. In other words, knowing what you want, how you want it and also where you want it, everything regarding your sexual life and your sexual appetite needs to be clear to you. That also goes for homosexuality, you need to feel comfortable with it, if you are just experimenting that is one thing, but if doesn’t feel comfortable you are on the right track to eliminate that thought, or if it feels comfortable and natural you have found your sexuality.

You also need to be clear not to mistake your own sexuality and your own desires with others people as well as trying not to impose your opinions, sexuality and wishes onto others. If you see and feel that another person is not comfortable with your desires that is an obvious sign that you should stop and respect their wishes. Healthy sexuality is all about feeling comfortable with yourself and your partner, and your partner feeling comfortable with you as well. Otherwise that can easily turn into unwanted sex or rape.

Teen sexuality can be a tough topic for most, sexual orientation is still taboo for older people, and even masturbation is considered taboo in some circles, not to mention oral sex. You are the one that has to feel comfortable and you are the one that has to be careful, not the people around you that may be judging you. But with sexual freedom comes the sexual responsibility, you have to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and one other thing that is on the rise in the US.

We are of course talking about teen pregnancy which has been on the steady increase since 2005. Most teens are not ready to become parents, and by doing so most teens give away their future and their children’s future as well.

Teen sexuality and teen freedom come with great responsibility, so don’t take them lightly. Staff