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March 2010

Teen Sex, Safer With Education

by Staff, on at risk youth, educate other teens, Safer With Education, sex education, sexual curiosity, teen sex, teen source, teen sources, transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy

There is no point in stressing out how many teens are having sex, teens experiment, we used to experiment, and that is a part of being a teenager. The questions and the issues that need to be discussed are many, are they ready, are they prepared, do they know how to protect themselves, and are they educated enough? But there are a few things each parent can do for their children about sex education.

Sex education is a process where teenagers learn about sex, personal relationships, sex issues, problems, possible diseases and most importantly how to be safe. Unfortunately some parents can’t find the best way to talk to their teenage children about this sort of thing and some teens don’t’ want to listen about this from their parents. There are always options, the first option when it comes to educating your child about sexual relations are fellow teenagers. There are groups, institution and numerous websites composed and monitored by teens that help and educate other teens.

The aim of those sex education schools and other is to diminish the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. But sex education is not just about being safe and being protected, it’s also about making the right decisions and managing the best out of the relationship. This is just one step on the giant road of kids becoming adults. So, sex education needs to start when? That is the question most people don’t know the answer or don’t like it. Sex education needs to start before puberty and before natural curiosity starts prevailing in your child. There are three basic concepts your child must learn, the first is about sexual development and reproduction, everything from changes starting in puberty to conception and sexually transmitted diseases.

The second concept is contraception and birth control, basically everything about contraceptives, what are they, how many are they, how are they used and how to obtain them. The third is the emotional part mostly, relationship. It’s all about preparing your child for a relationship, from dating to marriage and even religious beliefs. Of course when they learn about all of this they also need to learn about abortion, confidentiality and other sources and institution they can go for information and help.

Teenagers need to know about themselves and their sexual curiosity, there is nothing weird about that, in fact it is perfectly normal. There are numerous teen sources that can help a teenager in need of some good advice. Parents must remember one thing, education starts at home with the parents, where it will lead from there it’s up to the whole family, from parents to children. One more thing is for sure, teen sex education is now needed more than ever, so educate yourself first so you can educate your children. Staff