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October 2010

Teen Schizoid Personality Disorder

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Schizoid Personality Disorder falls under the eccentric personality disorder, just like Paranoid Personality Disorder. Teens with Schizoid personality Disorder are often distant, and indifferent to all kinds of relationships. As such they love to be alone and avoid social gatherings; they can rarely be seen expressing their emotions. Most people think that Schizoid Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia are the same, they do have some similar symptoms, but these are two different types of disorders. Unlike other personality disorders people with Schizoid personality disorder can function pretty well in society.

In most cases teens with this disorder will avoid contact with others as much as possible, which makes it very hard for them to concentrate on school. Some traits that make up a teen with Schizoid Personality Disorder:

-    They don’t want personal relationships
-    They even avoid family members
-    They tend to go for solitary type of jobs like night security
-    They usually have no friends
-    Have problems relating to other people
-    They don’t care about praise or criticism
-    Rarely show emotions
-    They also tend to create strong fantasies of a different life and often daydream

Again, like with most types of personality disorders little is known about the cause of Schizoid Personality Disorder, both environmental factors and genetics play a significant role in development of this disorder. Most scientists claim that the biggest influence has early childhood; but also a family history of schizoid personality disorder increases the risks of inheriting this disease.

How many teens and adults are with Schizoid personality Disorder is not known as they are not the type of people to seek treatment. It usually affects man and people with Schizophrenia in family history have a great chance of developing Schizoid Personality Disorder. This disorder starts manifesting first symptoms in early teen years.

Unlike most personality disorders teens with Schizoid Personality Disorder are fine living with it and they don’t have many stressful situations, which in return causes a rare situation when they seek professional treatment. But once treatment begins therapists are always finding it difficult to deal with people who suffer from Schizoid personality Disorder as they have a trust issue, and talk therapy depends on trust between the therapist and patient. The psychotherapy usually tries to increase social skills and the possibility of social interaction and communication, as well as the person’s self esteem.

Medicine is never used to actually treat teens with Schizoid Personality Disorder, but it can be given if a person shows other problems like depression. Staff