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February 2011

Teen Problems - Single Parents from New York Need Help

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Being a parent is a hard. Being a single parent: at least as twice as hard. While you have to play the roll of both mom and dad, you have also to fight financial problem with only one paycheck, instead of two. There is never enough time for your job, child or children, and finally, for yourself. Dating is much harder when you are single with kids.

Still, some people, mostly woman, choose to become a single parent, by adoption, artificial insemination or surrogate motherhood. Divorces also make people single parents. Other, unselective situations are death of a partner, or unintended pregnancy. A lot of teenage mothers end up being single ones.

There is a greater responsibility to their children, for single parents. Sometimes may seem easier that there is no one to compromise with about raising children, all final decisions are made by you alone. This can turn out to be two bladed sword as every made mistake is just your fault.

Children of single parents usually learn to take responsibility at an early age, since parents will desperately need household. Often they are more mature then other children of their age, and can better handle themselves in difficult situations. Also, they become independent sooner then others.

On the other hand, single parent’s children may also feel more pressured, or be more rebellious. It is not uncommon that, together with their parents, they are socially looked down upon. Single parenting may also create spoiled children, which often forget their boundaries. These children may adopt anti-social behavior, become bullies and later criminals. Furthermore, they are more like to smoke, drink, and abuse drugs.

Most of the single parents in New York are mothers, like the rest of US. Almost half of single parents are divorced, third never got married, and only 2% are widowed. Only half of the single parents work full time, and 20% of them do not have jobs at all, so almost half of single parents receive financial aid.

Single parents often need help, whether with finances, good tips or simply friendly support. Don’t be too proud to ask for it. If you don’t know where to seek help, well, you are not alone, and there are many support groups and other organizations that can help you.

New York is acquainted with single parents and their problems. One third of children in New York live in single parent families. This is a large number of single parents that can organize between themselves in order to help each other. You can also find tax professionals that can help with tax return for your single parent status.

You can get in touch with other single parents from New York on-line and there is also The Single Parent Resource Center . Staff