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June 2010

Teen Privileges

by Staff, on at risk youth, risk youth, risk youth blog, setting the rules, teen behavior, Teen Privileges

What is the most typical parent behavior when their child does something wrong? Cutting on their privileges, a simple and true answer. But that works for young kids; teenagers are a totally different story. They get into the age when they start thinking on their own, some automatically get more responsible, while other use excuses they thought up and put a fight when you try to take their privileges away. That is when the nightmare for parents begins, as there is always doubt that when given privileges, teens will go wild and put themselves into dangerous situations.

It is absolutely normal to act tough if your child hasn’t proven that he can be trusted and that he can be responsible. According to research, that trust and basics of responsibility needs to be implanted since early age, like 10 years old. Letting your teen stay alone at home or walking to a store to get something while learning about safety. Those are all good ways to help your child develop responsibility and it will be a lot easier to deal with him in his teen years.

But we all know that the truth is when we assign privileges it all depends on the teen. Well that is only partially true; one half depends on them, the other on the parents. That is simply because we raised them to be like they are now, so we are also to blame if our teen child is not listening to us or acts like a rebel when we try to take some privileges away from him.

I strongly believe that starting at early age is very important and that it is the best way to improve communication with your children. But what you started you need to finish until your child turns into an adult. So you always need to be there for your kid and you always need to set rules and guidelines for him. By constantly keeping the same method you set from an early age discipline and responsibility will be set in your child forever.

But this is a two side road, don’t fluctuate in your decisions and don’t break your own rules as that will lead to the total opposite and none of us wants that. Privileges are gained and lost, that is the first basic you need to learn your child. To do that you can use popular rules contract, that is one of the ways to go. Staff