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November 2010

Teen Pregnancy Questions – The Most Sought Pregnancy Q&A

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Teen sex education is regular in most schools, but even so it seems that teens either don’t pay attention or the education is not up to the task. There are over 100,000 teen pregnancy Q&A asked each month, which shows that teens are interested in certain things about pregnancy but have no one else to ask or another place to find out. The anonymity of the internet gives them the opportunity to get answers to their questions, so here is the Q&A about teen pregnancy chosen among the questions with highest number each month.

Q: How do I get pregnant?
A: In order to get pregnant a girl needs to have a sexual intercourse, which means genital penetration.
Q: What will cause and what won’t cause pregnancy.
A: Intercourse will get you pregnant, even with protection there is a risk of getting pregnant.
To answer all the teen questions these are the things that won’t get you pregnant: dancing, holding hands, kissing, making out, making out in a pool, oral sex, touching genitals with your hands.
Q: Does birth control make me safe?
A: Not 100%, the only form of 100% safe measure is abstinence. Although birth control has a high success of doing its job it relies heavily on proper use, which is the number one reason why birth control fails, not being properly used.
Q: What is the best form of birth control besides abstinence?
A: The number one birth control so far is condom use; it will prevent the chances of you getting pregnant as well as protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Even if you use other forms of birth control it is recommended to wear a condom.
Q: Can I get pregnant with oral sex?
A: We already answered that one, but no, there is no way you can get pregnant with oral sex.
Q: Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration?
A: In theory yes, female genitals in contact with sperm can lead to pregnancy, but this is extremely rare, however, there is a great risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
Q: Can I get pregnant if a boy ejaculates sperm into a pool?
A: No, sperm can’t travel through water and you can’t get pregnant that way.
Q: Can I prevent getting pregnant after having intercourse?
A: Yes, you can use an after pill in the next 72 hours, but they have a high risk of causing a hormonal imbalance so they should be used only by prescription from your doctor.
Q: Do after pills have any side effects?
A: Yes, there are known side effects that can happen when using an after pill; they can include anything from nausea and vomiting to blood clotting, breast tenderness and hormonal imbalance.
Q: How do I know that I am pregnant?
A: You can take the pregnancy test or visit your doctor, but early signs of pregnancy include missed periods, thick vaginal discharges, headaches and nausea, sudden vomiting urges, breast pain, strong reactions to certain smells, and of course food cravings. Staff