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March 2010

Teen Pregnancy, Being Informed is More Than Necessary

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Teen pregnancy is appearing as a rising problem once more. From 1992 to 2005 the number of pregnant teens was falling, but since 2006 onwards the number is on the rise again. The question is how to get it falling again, the answer is still the same, sexual education. Teenagers need to be aware of the consequences of teenage pregnancy and they also need to be aware how to avoid getting pregnant.

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Unfortunately for some the number of teenagers having sexual relations is rising even more, which is the number one reason why we must educate our children. Teen pregnancy is not the only concern here; there are numerous sexually transmitted diseases that we need to worry about. So the first thing is education a child about sexual responsibility. Sexual education is a must for teens; they need to be informed so they could avoid any form of bad sexual behavior. They need to know how to use contraceptives; the basic knowledge of protecting themselves is a must. They need to be aware of the consequences, there are numerous risks for the health of teen mother, not to mention the fact that 1 out of 4 teen mothers gives birth to a second child in the next two years.

But all of that is just a start of teenager’s problems. Every pregnant teen will freak out finding out about the pregnancy, most of those cases lead to teen depression. Teen depression can be treated, but like with everything else, parents need to be aware of the situation and lend a helping hand. As a parent you need to understand your child, 99% of teenagers will be disappointed about the fact that they are pregnant as much as you will. Being pregnant at that age means all of their dream are shattered, that is the time when a parent must be a rational adult that will give everything to help his child in need.

It’s not like we are all experts in teen problems and teen pregnancy, so for families that don’t feel capable of dealing with the situation there are numerous institutions that will help you. In fact, no matter how confident you may feel, going to a professional institution that is dealing with teen pregnancy and related issues is a warmly recommended idea.

In the end the best defense is offense, so preventing something like teen pregnancy from happening is the best course of action. The people that should be educated are not just your children; you also need to be educated and aware of teenage problems and how to deal with them. Successfully education yourself together with your teen child is the best course of action to prevent any possible teen problems that might occur in the future. Staff