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July 2010

Teen Mental Help, the Warning Signs

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Most parents go into the teen years unprepared and they feel overwhelmed when their teenagers start changing. Other parents prepare for the teen years but still don’t know what hit them. Changes are inevitable, parents know that so they deal with it on some level, but our teen children have no idea what is happening, which makes the situation much harder.

[caption id="attachment_756" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Teen Mental Health Issues "]Teen Mental Health Issues [/caption]
The facts are very obvious, our children are under a lot of stress, too much stress for a kid, I mean they are forced to do well in school, they fear of mistakes, they wish to be liked, and they are dealing with their own changes. Eventually teens get a foothold and deal with the situation; after all that is what being a teenager is all about. But, some teenagers have a harder time dealing with it, and in those cases things may become complicated, so if you notice certain changes in your teenager you should tread cautiously, seeing signs of hopelessness, worthlessness and insecurity as well as feeling of not belonging might be signs of mental health problems.

If any of these symptoms occur you should keep an eye on your teen child and makes sure if there are other signs. Remember that mental health issues can have serious consequences, so if you want to make sure look for the signs of mental health problems:

-    Feels guilt all the time
-    Feels worthless
-    Feels angry all the time
-    Overreacts too much and cries often
-    Feels anxious most of the time
-    Unexplained fears and paranoia
-    Too many issues with his or hers appearance
-    And the one we all fear, your child thinks that he is being controlled and that his mind is not safe

These are behavior patterns, but you should keep a close eye on your teen child if certain things happen as they are known causes of mental instability and later mental health problems:

-    Separation from friends and family
-    Sudden changes in eating and sleeping habits
-    Thinks that life is hard and openly speaks about committing suicide
-    Unable to get things done
-    Daydreams too much
-    Hears unexplained voices
-    Has low concentration or none at all
-    Repeating nightmares
-    Fear that someone is going to harm him or her
-    Drug and alcohol abuse
-    Sudden aggressive behavior
-    Any other non typical behavior for your child that came as a sudden change

Now these signs may appear in a normal teenager that is just going through a slight phase. But if these signs appear out of nowhere and stay for a longer period of time then you have a problem. In this situation you should consult a professional therapist immediately. Keep in mind that it might be something that will pass in a week or two, but be on your guard, as this may become a serious problem if not attended. Staff