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April 2010

Teen Job Hunting and Money Management

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Many parents think about the right time for their children to start earning for themselves, to get a feel for their own money and how difficult and important it is to know the importance of money. It really is a difficult question to answer, but most common age would be high school, once your child is in high school it can handle a summer job.

Finding a summer job is not as easy as it once was, there are just too many things to consider these days when looking for a part time job. Finding a summer job is a bit easier than finding a full time job per hour for teens, and some places will offer you a nice sum to earn for the summer. Of course we live in the 21st century, so now we also can use internet to find a summer job. There are plenty of sites like that will help teenagers find a really good job for the summer. So using those sites not only can you find a job easier but you can also take a pick from some really good jobs.
But the biggest issue is not whether kids can find a job, the issue is can they manage it right. The number one reason why parents make their children take a summer job is to get the feel for the money, to understand the importance of money, and to realize how hard it can be to earn money the honest way so that they can respect it later. But that is something that they will realize on their own in time, but will they be able to manage that money right? Kids and money have never been a quite profitable combination, which is why money management is very important, even for teens.
Half of the idea is to give your teen a job and he or she will get the feel for it alone, but some of them won’t. That is why you as a parent need to teach them how to manage that money that they earn. A good way is to start with an organized allowance from an early age and keep it organized, that way they will develop a feel for money management early. Of course there are other ways, but the important part is that you as a parent need to be educated in order to educate your child, so start browsing, because internet can find you plenty of useful information if you know where to look. Staff