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August 2010

Teen Internet Addiction Leads to Depression

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Internet addiction is finally accepted as a reality, and not just as a myth thrown away by most of the parents and teens. It is now two decades that we have been online, and internet has turned into a whole new world where people can do almost anything they want. There are no rules, no police; it’s hard to keep track of such a wide network and what every single individual does online. So now internet is starting to influence people, well, it’s not the internet itself, but it’s attractiveness to people with lower motivation and low center of self awareness. According to a new study it was proven that internet addicts are almost 3 times more likely to develop depression than normal teens.

In 2005 a professor of psychiatry Sang Kyu Lee did a study, the study showed that depressed kids are more likely to use internet compulsively and spend too much time online. The same study warned us about the opposite effects, that too much internet can lead to depression and other unwanted effects. As it turned out, 5 years later, he was right and we failed to listen.

A new study by Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine showed that 1 out of 10 teenagers has a problem with internet use, and 6.4% of all teens are actually addicted to internet. The major concern is that the children that are addicted to internet are more than 3 time likely to develop depression. And this is just one of the concerns surrounding internet addiction with teenagers.

There are plenty of problems surrounding compulsive internet use; if we fail to address them with our teen children we might be letting them go deeper into an unknown whole where anything can get a hold of them. Internet addiction is not yet clearly defined, and we are still not aware of all the consequences and the effects of internet addiction, as far as we know this can be the plague of the 21st century, so this is not something we should leave up to chance.

Every parent is advised to monitor his child’s use of internet, what he looks for online, where he hangs out, what types of games he plays and most importantly, how much time does your child spend online and if his internet use is affecting his normal life. Be sure that your child doesn’t use internet excessively, that can have grave consequences on his development, like everything else, internet should be used with caution and with moderation. So make sure that your child doesn’t fall into yet another disease of the 21st century. Staff