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September 2010

Teen Hygiene – Taking Care of Your Body

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When our kids reach the puberty things start to get hectic and that can cause various troubling issues for teen’s health, their body and their mind. We have been through that, but learning a few things is essential in order to know how to help your teen with various issues he may have to deal with. They will have certain issues, you can be sure of that, so let’s go over a few things you definitely need to know about teen hygiene in order to help your teen child.

Most teens first start having hygiene issues with their hair. While they were kids their hair was silky and shiny, but once they reach puberty that can change drastically, leaving their hair greasy or too dry, that is all caused by oil glands. In order to deal with this issue we have various products that can help us, but the key to dealing with this is moderation. If you apply a product for greasy hair too much you may set your glands off balance and cause an unwanted reaction like your scalp getting dry. Before you start using any product be sure to check the ingredients and what they may cause if used too much.

The next stop is our body odor and seating which start to develop when we reach puberty. When we reach puberty our sweat glands develop and start to be over productive, which is normal, but it will cause us to sweat and some of us will even have unwanted odors. Our body releases various chemicals through sweat, which is healthy, this is a way our body gets rid of unwanted chemicals, but too much can be harmful and unhealthy.

In order to deal with your body odor and sweating the best way is to keep to your hygiene, shower regularly and wear clean cotton clothes. The smell is caused by the bacteria in our system, so keeping ourselves clean will lower the number of bacteria and the smell. Cotton clothes help our body breathes and in that way we minimize the level of the odor. Although there are products you can use to mask the odor not all of them are good for you, deodorants will just mask the smell, which is ok as your body will sweat and get rid of bacteria, but antiperspirants stop the sweat which can cause unwanted issues.

The last part but one that drives most girls crazy is body hair. When we reach teen years certain areas get covered with body hair. Boys have more surfaces covered, but that all depends on our hormones and genetics. Body hair doesn’t actually cause our body to suffer in any way and from the medical aspect they are perfectly fine, the only issue here is your personal choice. So if your teen children want to remove their body hair you as parent have to teach them right and safe methods to do so, as some ways may irritate the skin more and eventually lead to serious issues

Teen hygiene is very important, as the mistakes made in the teen period can cause major consequences later in life, especially when it concerns our skin. Most kids that had acne and pimples that were not treated properly will have to live with some scars. Everything needs to be done in a proper way in order to ensure our children’s health is at its prime. Staff