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April 2010

Teen Hotline

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We mentioned in the last article the need for parent hotlines, why they exist and what can they offer to help. We also mentioned the importance of education if you are a parent, all of that goes for teenagers as well. They also want to help themselves or their friends, but sometimes it is much easier to talk to a stranger, an anonymous person, that will help you in a crisis, that will help you and give you advice. Also many teen hotlines have teenagers offering their bad experience and how they got out of a crisis, so some teenagers may talk to their peers and get a first hand advice.

Teen hotlines can help you deal with numerous issues, everything from domestic violence and drug overdose, which falls under a crisis situation up to depression and anxiety where hotline can help you deal with that problem and maybe even solve it. Some issues require help from professionals and every official crisis hotlines has professionals on the line waiting to help you solve the problem you have. The hesitation to call shouldn’t be there, there are just too many benefits of a teen hotline to refuse their help.
First of all there is the professional help and the possibility of solving a problem. Second, there is anonymity, you will talk to a person who you don’t know and who doesn’t know you, and it’s sometimes easier that way. And the last is the fact that they are always available, that is the most important fact you should think about when you have a situation that needs solving, there is someone available and willing to help you. That is why I will recommend three websites that offer information, education and teen hotline numbers.
The first website I will recommend is PAMF, which is short for Palo Alto Medical foundation, as a medical foundation they have a large experience dealing with certain issues and they are sure the number one place to turn for information. They also offer an extensive number of official crisis teen hotline phone numbers.
The second website I recommend is EHealth4Teens, they offer a large database of articles related to teen health, everything from nutrition to sex and alcohol issues. They also offer a great number of crisis hotline numbers.
The last website is CheckYourself, this is an authoritative resource for finding plenty of information about teen issues and a great number of teen hotline phone numbers. They also recommend several websites that deal with certain teen problems.
The most important advice I can give you is do not hesitate to ask for help, whether that is from your family members, friends or a total stranger on the other side of the phone. Staff