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April 2010

Teen Help Resources

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We live in a troubling time, the time when out teenagers are in danger more than ever. The statistics are terrifying, when I look at those numbers I get a chill down my spine. Over 50% of all teenagers use drugs and alcohol and teenagers account for over ¼ of all sexually transmitted diseases. If you want numbers here are some frightening numbers, in the next 24 hours 1,439 teenagers will attempt suicide, 2,795 teenage girls will become pregnant, 3,506 teenagers will run away and 15,006 teenagers will use drugs for the first time. Are you scared yet? I know I am!

The issue here is how to provide our children with help and where can we learn how to help them, how to educate them and how to educate ourselves in order to help them. Since we do live in the 21st century the first thing we should do is use that to our advantage as kids do, we look on the internet, the biggest library on earth. Every quality institution in the world has a website offering its services, free advice and many other things. For emergencies you have 411 resources, but for the problems that are not as urgent as right this instant you can use teen resource websites to get some insight into teen issues and how to help solve them.
If you think your child needs to go to a specialty school or a treatment facility, what better place to ask which ones are good and what to expect. What are the programs, what is the curriculum and many other things, what better resource than internet itself? But understand one thing; internet is just a first step of informing yourself and first step in helping your troubled teenager. Internet can be used as first aid resource center, after that depending on the issue at hand you will go further or maybe you can solve the problem yourself. This goes for both parents and teenagers. Parents can inform themselves and educate to some degree. Teenagers can find teen help on anonymous forums where they can ask for help, and in most times they will find someone who had a similar problem and that can give them some advice on what to do and how to handle the situation at hand. But again, internet mustn’t be taken lightly. There are safe websites and there are those that are not safe, if you are a teenager that is the first thing you must investigate. After all, you don’t want a psycho solving your problems. Staff