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April 2010

Teen Drug Rehab

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Once you figure out that your child has a problem you as a parent are the most responsible person for his recovery, Yes your child will see a professional therapist, your child will get help from friends and school, but the most important kind of help and support is the one a teenager is getting from his family. This is the number one reason why you need to educate yourself if you find out that your teenage child has a drug abuse problem.

Drug abuse is something that can be treated, but it needs time and patience, the first step is admitting the problem, the next step is drug rehab.
The most important step you are going to take is choosing a drug rehab for your teenage child. It is of the greatest importance to choose a good teen drug rehab clinic. Here are a few steps to recognize a good drug rehab clinic and to know what you need to provide your teenage child with drug abuse problem. Lucky for you most drug rehab clinics will not let a teenager in an adult clinic, so if an adult clinic is recommended by someone you should avoid it. It’s hard enough for a teen to deal with his own identity, placing him in an adult clinic may confuse him even more, and that will not help your child get over that drug abuse problem.
You as a parent need to play an active role in the rehab, provide love, support and join as many family therapies as the clinic offers. Being there for your child is 50% of rehab. You also must take care that the rehab clinic provides active education; rehab is not a vacation from school, which can only harm your child even more. You also must understand that this is no time to be soft with your child, he made a mistake but you need to maintain some discipline if you don’t want your child to repeat the same mistake, be firm but compassionate. Once you get your child in a drug rehab clinic with other teens it will be much easier for your child to open up and share things, which is an important step to recovery.
You need to understand that most teenagers that used drugs are confused kids and they will gladly accept a second chance if someone offers it. That is your role, to care for your child and provide the best possible conditions no matter the circumstances, after all you are a loving parent and your child is in a crisis, it is your primary role to help him get out of that crisis. Staff