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February 2011

Teen Drug Abuse Programs in New York

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Today, drugs are very accessible, and many people get a chance to try it. Unfortunately, a lot of those who take that chance, do not just try it, but continue using it and very soon they find themselves depended of it. When abusers realize the problem, and want to stop, they often try to quit on their own. Without proper medical help and professional assistance, the result usually doesn’t last long. 

It is much more fitting to go into the drug abuse program, on a full-time basis. Objective of this program is prevention of drug abuse, and detoxification and treatment of drug abusers. It enables people to live healthy and drug-free life.

They are created in such way, that a person participates in drug treatment all day, every day. First step is usually hospital based program, which offers some form of detoxification from drugs. They are for easier withdrawal of drugs from system, and avoiding physical withdrawal symptoms that drive the addict to start using again.

Residential drug abuse program consider that individuals with addiction problems live in a facility while receiving treatment. Treatment usually last 30 days, or even longer. When a person graduates this type of program, they can move on to other types of drug abuse programs.

Sober living program takes place in a house, in some residence, where recovering addicts live together, and help each going back to normal life. This will come after residential program, as recovering addicts will still face many challenges. Participants may come and live whenever they want, but there are some rules included - no drugs on the first place, of course.

Every program is designed to provide care to both adults, which are considered 18 years of age and older, and adolescents – 17 years and younger. There are specialized counselors and teams that will help decide which program is most appropriate for each abuser.

Below are listings of some drug and alcohol rehab programs in New York:
- Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC)/Acute Care Unit - (518) 525-1303; 315 South Manning Boulevard 6 Gabrilove, Albany, NY 12208
- Saint Mary's Hospital Alcoholism Inpatient Rehab Program - (518) 841-7320; 427 Guy Park Avenue, Amsterdam, NY 12010
- United Memorial Medical Center Hope Haven CD Inpatient Rehab - (585) 344-7276; 16 Bank Street, Batavia, NY 14020
- Saint Francis Hospital - (845) 838-8800; The Turning Point 11 Hastings Drive
Beacon, NY 12508
- Sheehan Memorial Hospital CD Outpatient Rehabilitation Service - (716) 848-2250; 425 Michigan Avenue 1st Floor, Buffalo, NY 14203
- Catskill Regional Medical Center Biochemical Dependency Unit - (845) 794-3300; 68 Harris Bushville Road P.O. Box 800, Harris, NY 12742
- Flushing Hospital and Medical Center Chemical Dependence Unit - (718) 670-5693; Parsons Boulevard and 45th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355

At US Drug Rehab Center there is a large list of New York drug rehab centers that you can find helpful. Staff