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February 2011

Teen Drug Abuse Counseling in California

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Drug abuse counselors work with people who are addicted to drugs and other addictive substances. These counselors must assess their clients and then provide appropriate individual or group counseling to help them identify and understand behaviors and problems related to their addictions.

They do not provide psychological therapy. They usually work under the supervision of physicians, psychologists and social workers. Drug abuse counselors work in outpatient clinics, halfway houses and treatment centers. Some substance abuse counselors work in hospitals.

Drug abuse counseling is not just for people who have current problems with drugs. It is also for former addicts or friend and family of an addict. Anyone and everyone can get find drug abuse counseling useful. It is for the people that are aware of drug abuse problem but not to much familiar with, people that want to do more in a battle against drugs, but don’t know where to start…

Parents, especially with teenage children, which are at most risk of getting in touch with drugs, should go to counseling together with their children and learn as much as they can about drugs, symptoms of drug abuse and its consequences. Even if you think that you are quite familiar with the problem, there are often new drugs on the streets, and new ways for your child to get in trouble.

Do not be afraid to seek counseling. Some people may be ashamed of what will others think, that if they are there, they are bad parents or that already have drug addiction problem. Counselors are not there to judge or assume, only to help. And isn’t it better to go to counseling before the problem occurred? Never tell yourself that you don’t need this type of counseling and something like this can never happen to you or your child. This can be your fatal mistake.

Try to visit more counseling, here what more counselors have to say. Some of them are specialized for a certain type of drug, or age and other groups. Try to find the type that is suitable for you and your surroundings. Don’t go to one type of counseling, one time, and think that you and your family are now safe from the problem.

If you or your child already have drug addiction problem, and you seek for a solution, drug abuse counseling is a good way to start. Counselor can help you choose most appropriate treatment and recommend you organization or clinic to go to. If you go to group counseling you may learn from experiences of others as well.

There are numerous drug abuse counseling organizations in California, and we will list some of them:

- The California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC)

- Time to Get Help  gives support for parents of a child struggling with drugs and alcohol

- At All About Counseling you can search drug abuse counseling in California by city

- New Found Life  offers counseling and treatment

- Psychology Today  offers you a list of Substance Abuse Therapists segmented by counties and cities Staff