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February 2011

Teen Drug Abuse Centers in Arkansas

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Ever since 1977, Arkansas has maintained an alcohol and drug abuse prevention program. This program administers prevention, treatment, and substance abuse education programs throughout the state. This is not a short time, during which there have been numerous attempts to combat the problem.

Despite this long-term awareness of problem, and battles against it, drug abuse problem remains, and getting even bigger on every day bases. Arrests continue to climb, and all kinds of drugs are being abused by increasing numbers of people in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the growth of abusers in mostly seen among teenagers.

Knowing this, it is no wonder that there is a great need of professional help. As the drug abuse problem continues to grow, so are the offered solutions. There are a lot of professionals trying to deal with this problem, working as specialized counselors and doctor. Help can be found in various organizations, as well as in drug abuse centers.

Drug abuse centers are organizations providing drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation services. They can be public, private and non-profit. Some of them are specialized for a certain type of drug, or an age group and sex of an addict. Some of them can provide you with detoxification and medical help, other will offer you the whole long-term program to get cured. One thing is for sure, they are all here to help.

If you are in need of one, choose your drug abuse center carefully. You should find one that is most suitable for your kind of problem, as they offer a variety of treatment programs that can meet individual needs. Programs may include inpatient, residential, outpatient, extended care, and/or short-stay options.

Any drug treatment facility in Arkansas should be reviewed to discover whether it offers:
•    Comprehensive treatment in the form of detoxification, behavioral therapy, and counseling
•    Nutritional supplements necessary for detox and daily vitamin supplements for the duration of your program
•    Adequate staffing and funding as well as inpatient care
•    Wellness programs like nutrition, fitness, and anger management
•    Family outreach
•    Comprehensive educational materials
The network of Arkansas rehabilitation facilities is growing, but so is the problem of drug abuse, aided by the increase of prescription drugs that can be highly-addictive. Anyone who suspects a drug problem should seek professional help quickly, and choose their treatment program carefully. Only remember that, just as drug addiction doesn't happen over night, neither does the process of becoming drug-free.

Here are some drug abuse centers you can turn to:
Ouachita Medical Center Chemical Dependency Unit - (800) 232-1289, 638 California Street Camden, AR 71701
Recover at Baptist Health Medical Center/Little Rock - (501) 202-4636, 9601 Interstate 630 Exit 7, Little Rock, AR 72205

Drug Rehab Programs  offers telephone help (866 762-3712) so their drug abuse center specialist can provide you with free drug rehab referrals.

You can also visit Arkansas Drug Rehab Centers  and chose some of the listed there. Staff