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May 2010

Teen Dropping out of School

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Do you want to know the sad truth about teens that drop out of school? Well I will tell you anyway, more than 80% of teens that dropped out of school had passing grades. What do you think that means, well there are several sides to everything, but some of the most important reasons for those kids to drop out of school are the lack of teacher’s engagement and lack of interest by the adults for the teen’s school activities. Those are just a few examples, not the main reason; the reason is that those kids felt that they don’t have a need to invest in their school, and there are a lot of things that led them to that, one of those being the lack of interest by those who should show the most interest.

There are numerous reasons why teens drop out of school, the most common ones are academic difficulty and failure, poor attendance, being held back, disengagement from school, transition to a new school and other life factors like family problems or financial difficulties. So there are two main concerns following tens that drop out of school, prevention of that happening and what to do if it does happen.
The sad truth about teens that drop out of school can be looked at the bright side of it, if those kids had passing grades, then what did they need to stay in school and finish it? Very little in fact, it would not be hard to prevent those kids from dropping out; all they needed was support, motivation and assurance that someone cares. The bottom line is that parents need to step in when they notice their children are having trouble dealing with something, so a teenager dropping out of school is the parents fault even more than the teenagers.
Even bigger issue is what to do with teenagers that dropped out of school. School dropouts are too easily accepted in our society and that is a mistake we created and it will take a long time before we correct it. Once teen drops out of school he lacks the motivation to keep going, he loses the tools that are needed to succeed in the future. Getting that teen back on track is a more difficult task than preventing a teen from dropping out. You need to realize that dropping out of school was not something that happened over night and as such it could be avoided, so you can’t presume that getting that kid back on track can be done over night also. It will require much more effort and attention; even professional help may be needed. The bottom line is that the kid that dropped out lost his focus and motivation, those are the two things you need to work with him and get them back. If you succeed to do that, with constant support your child may get back on track, but you need to persevere together with him or your child may easily stray off the path again. Staff