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November 2010

Teen Drivers – Greatest Road Hazard

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Teenage drivers are the greatest hazard for the roads. Teens make up approximately around 7% of the entire driving population, but they are responsible for over 20% of all motor vehicle accidents in the US. 14% of all deaths related to motor vehicle accidents are caused by teens. These are just some of the frightening facts related to teen drivers. Well, not all teens are like that, but it is a hard fact that teens are the most reckless drivers in the world. So here are some hard boiled facts to help you realize how important is to teach your teen about driving responsibilities.

Several thousand teens between ages 13 and 20 are killed each year in motor vehicle accidents, of those, 16 year-olds are three times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than others. Teen drivers have a four time higher fatality rate than drivers ages 25 to 69.

Last year alone there were 3,466 teen deaths. Compared to the 70’s there is a 60% decline in the number of deaths, but this is still a vast number of deaths we are talking about. One single death is unacceptable, let alone thousands. 66% of all teens killed in motor vehicle accidents are males, so boys are the ones causing most of the road trouble and accidents, girls show more responsibility behind the wheel as most teen girls are afraid of their capabilities to drive, they lack confidence so they focus more on learning than boys.

Parents have to understand that motor vehicle accidents are the number one leading cause of death among teens, it’s not drugs, it’s not guns, it’s teens behind the wheel. But teens that cause driving accidents involve other people as well, several thousand of side passengers die when in an accident caused by a teen, people in other vehicles as well and almost a thousand of pedestrians die in vehicle accidents caused by teen drivers.

One quarter of teen drivers that caused a motor vehicle accident had an illegal amount of alcohol in their blood. One fifth of teen drivers that caused a motor vehicle accident had a previous conviction for speeding. There is also the cost to the society to consider when our teens are running wild in their new cars. We are talking about a price tag that goes to 40 billion dollars a year, 40 billion dollars paid by the government for damages caused by teen drivers.

This is more than enough to get parents and teens to learn the responsibility of driving. Teen drivers are a hazard on the road and it is our duty as parents to teach them responsibility and to make sure they stay responsible. Staff