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September 2010

Teen Dating and Violence

by Staff, on at risk youth, dating violence, Teen Dating and Violence, teen dating violence, teen violence

Unhealthy teen relationships can start very early, usually at teens age, the fact is that such behavior can last for a lifetime. Most people don’t realize that dating violence starts with simple things when we are kids, such as name calling and teasing. Most people think of this type of behavior as normal, but in some cases the very same type of behavior can ultimately lead to physical abuse, serious dating violence and even rape. But teen dating violence is a reality we live in, the statistics show that one out of three teenagers has been a victim of abuse in a relationship; this is definitely a number that we need to lower down considerately.

To better understand dating violence and relationship abuse here are the basic warning signs to look out for:

-    The most noticeable signs are physical signs, bruises and even cuts
-    If your teen is missing from school too often or even failing in school
-    Insecurity is one of the main symptoms with teens and adults that are abused in a relationship
-    Some people will change their behavior suddenly and have mood changes, but this can be subscribed to many other types of teen issues
-    Substance abuse
-    Emotional issues
-    Going into isolation

These signs must be considered very seriously if more of them show for a period of time. For teens and for adults here are the warning signs that a person might turn out to be abusive in a relationship.

-    Uncalled for and irrational jealousy
-    Acts controlling all the time, dominant
-    Pushes the relation on a very fast pace, unnatural pace
-    Has bursts of anger and rage
-    Tries to isolate you from your friends and family or even turn you against them
-    Blames other for everything bad he does, never takes responsibility on his own
-    Abuses you verbally
-    Shows signs of cruelty on other people, kids and animals
-    Threatens you
-    Abuses drugs and alcohol

So, you know the warning signs that a teen might be abused in a  relationship and a victim to dating violence and the signs that a person might be abusive, so to fill the gap here are a few things that can help you stay away from an abusive relationship.

-    Until you get to know a person it is a good idea to double date with someone you trust
-    Make sure that you are well aware of the dating plans so you can let your family and friends know where to find you if you are late or just to be safe
-    Always stay sober. Most abusive people will claim they were provoked and it will be hard to prove otherwise if you were drunk or under the influence of a drug. Staying sober will help you be in charge of the situation.
-    Never leave a club or any other place with a stranger. If it is absolutely necessary for you to leave make sure that your friends know where you are going.
-    If something happens that you don’t want or don’t like be sure to let your partner know, in most cases just saying no will do the trick as other teens are also confused and may really misinterpret the signs. A plain no can bring them back to their senses.

This is basically all you need to know to stay away from abusive relationships and teen dating violence. Make sure that you trust your instincts, if something feels off be sure to back off and never leave everything up to a person that you don’t know much about. People tend to take advantage of such situations, be sure to counter them at all times by staying sharp. Staff