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November 2010

Teen Cutting – Teen Issue Still on the Rise

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Teen cutting is a present issue we are all aware of, but somehow that issue manages to survive with all our efforts. In fact the number of teens that show this type of behavior is still increasing. Teens are cutting themselves with everything from razors to scissors or pens and are inflicting any type of self injury they can think of at the moment. Recent studies have shown that the number of teens showing this type of behavior is between 15 and 20 percent, which means that almost one out of 5 teens is cutting himself.

As most of you know this is not some modern trend, this is due to a serious mental and emotional issue that these teens are having trouble dealing with. They are cutting themselves because of some issues and emotions and this is a way for them to feel something. But this is not the only reason why teens cut themselves. Teen cutting can manifest itself from depression or even as a way for teens to fit in with their peers, however that may sound strange.

Some researchers state that this behavior can even become addictive. Cutting releases endorphin into our body and we can get high from it. So basically there is a possibility of this and after a time it really becomes an issue of our control. Teens use this behavior to release the pressure.

Most of teen cutting behavior is closely related to parenting relationship. One of the reasons why they cut themselves when they have problems instead of coming to you for help is because they don’t feel the trust needed to confide in their parents. As such we need to monitor our children and watch out for unexplained cuts and bruises, and not just that, but other symptoms of trouble as well.

If it comes to the fact that you believe your child is cutting himself you need to have an appropriate approach in order to successfully deal with it. One thing that is absolutely needed in order to deal with teen cutting successfully is proper communication. Most parents will try to find a solution and tell their children how they should change some things, but that is not the key to solving teen cutting. You need to listen when they open up and understand, that is more than half of the solution.

If you are not sure what to do the best choice is to try and find a professional counselor. Dealing with teen cutting on your own may be risky and may even make things worse. So if you don’t know how to deal with it and help your teenager you should definitely seek professional help.

You need to understand one thing. Teen cutting and teen self injury is a desperate cry for help. These teens are in need of emotional support, and you need to provide it. Staff