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February 2010

Concerns on Environmental Health

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Environmental health concerns refer to all aspects that affect the relationship between the environment and those who inhabit them ( The major health concerns include air quality, safety of body art materials such as tattoo ink and permanent body cosmetics such as implants, lead poisoning in children, the effects of climate change on human health and many other aspects of the natural and built environment.…



January 2010

Health effects of the major environmental health concerns

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There government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, that have information on environmental health concerns across the country. It is important to know the effects of the major environmental health concerns so that you can see the seriousness of taking action. The website of EPA,, and the websites of FDA, NIEHS, and…



January 2010

Recycling: How to recycle

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Through such links as Environmental Protection Agency’s advantages of recycling, many people now know that it is important to recycle, but there is ignorance on how this is done, on what can be recycled, and on where it is done. This leads to people failing to recycle even when they want to and/or even when there is a recycling plant nearby. To recycle, you should start by calling…