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Warning Signs



October 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Drugs Abuse

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We all know that teen drug abuse is a serious problem that is always on the rise. It seems like most of our efforts are vain, but they are not. You have to realize that more than 90% abuse problems are stopped and prevented in home. So in order to make sure that your child is not abusing drugs you have to look for the warning signs. All of the…



September 2010

Teen Suicide Warning Signs

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Teens are prone to depression even more than adults, and unfortunately that depression and many other reasons lead to teen suicide. A recent study showed that 4 out of 5 teens that attempted to commit suicide showed warning signs prior to the attempt. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you know what teen suicide warning signs are in order to prevent your teen from attempting such…



September 2010

Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

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Probably the most horrible things that can happen to a teen and his family is drug abuse. The only way to battle this problem is intervention, the sooner you notice the signs the better, but in most cases teenagers are using drugs for months before anyone notices. In some cases when parents find out about the drug abuse by their teen child they underestimate the seriousness of the issue. If…



September 2010

Teenage Dropouts, Facts to Know

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We still have the problem with teenage dropouts, although most think that this is an issue of the past as the recent studies showed that dropouts were at a decline, the new results show that the percentage of dropouts declined only 2% in the last 10 years. We have over 6,000 teenage drop out of school each day, which is a horrifying number. The fact that this didn’…



July 2010

Teen Mental Help, the Warning Signs

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Most parents go into the teen years unprepared and they feel overwhelmed when their teenagers start changing. Other parents prepare for the teen years but still don’t know what hit them. Changes are inevitable, parents know that so they deal with it on some level, but our teen children have no idea what is happening, which makes the situation much harder. [caption id="attachment_756" align=…



April 2010

Warning Signs of Struggling Teens

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There are plenty of stories that have a sad ending and most of them are followed by comment like, “We didn’t even see it coming.” I hear that a lot, you hear that a lot, but that is not true, maybe they really didn’t see it coming, but that was the parents fault. Every single troubled teenager, every single struggling teenager shows warning signs, and not just one…