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September 2010

Does Your Teenager Need Help?

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Sometimes parents get confused by their child’s behavior, in most cases it turns out to be typical teen curiosity and nothing more, but sometimes the behavior of your teen may be the sign that he or she need outside help, so how do you recognize those signs? What are the signs you need to look for related to mental issues, behavior issues and emotional issues that would require…



April 2010

Teen Help Resources

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We live in a troubling time, the time when out teenagers are in danger more than ever. The statistics are terrifying, when I look at those numbers I get a chill down my spine. Over 50% of all teenagers use drugs and alcohol and teenagers account for over ¼ of all sexually transmitted diseases. If you want numbers here are some frightening numbers, in the next 24 hours 1,439 teenagers…



April 2010

Specialty Boarding Schools

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There are many parents that simply don’t know what to do with their troubled teenagers. Parents seem to cope with teenagers that have learning issues, depression, that used drugs or some that have even been involved with gangs, most parents feel like they’ve hit a brick wall with their teenage children in that situation. Some go for therapy and medication, some try hard, some don’t, but whatever…



May 2008

Escalation from innocent to deadly

by Staff, on drugs, marijuana, teen issues, teenagers and drugs, troubled teenager

The use of marijuana by hippies is popularly known fact, it has been depicted in many Hollywood movies. It is also a highly effective way of making marijuana look innocent and benign to the eyes of teenagers. But let us also remember that cannabis is a very addicting drug that is believed to be a gateway drug to more potent and more dangerous drugs. Even the hippies themselves moved on…